who gets your vote when you dont cast?

On June 1st, fourteenth Loksabha completes its four years and now we enter in election years.  At a time when several political parties are gearing up for new alliances and several politicians are changing loyalties to get through the hurdles of General Elections scheduled next year, think what we are doing. Here we stands for every one who is citizen of India. I wish to discuss about voting
Have you ever thought how important your vote is even if you did not choose to cast it? Just look at a possible statistics of a certain constituency
Number of candidates: 5 or 8 or 11 or anything

Percentage of Voting: 45%

Candidate A    : 32%

Candidate B : 26%

Candidate C : 19%
And so on
You will say what is new in it. It’s usual and candidate A will win as A has secured more votes. Yes its usual thing and it is the picture of almost every constituency. Now lets have another look on statistics
Percentage of votes secured by A is 32 but it is 32% of only those who went to vote. That means 32% of 45% of total voters. That is equal to 14.4%. Let’s have a look on votes of top three candidates again

Candidate A:32% of 45% :14.4%

Candidate B:26% of 45% :11.7%

Candidate C:19% of 45%: : 8.5%

Now this is real picture Candidate with 14% votes won election by some what good margin by defeating those who got 11.7% and 8.5% and so on. Now you may blame Indian voting system which gives chance for such faults. But is it not known to you? Don’t you know from the first day that these are rules of the game and you knew that a candidate F is  or may be a good candidate but you never choose to let him get your support in form of votes. May be remaining 85.6% people knew that A is someone who is not to be trusted but most of them choose to stay away saying politics is dirty.

Yes politics is dirty. And it is dirty because we choose it to be dirty.

It’s dirty because we don’t have heart to take responsibility.
It’s dirty because we could not perform simplest task given to us and that to only for our well being.

Do you know where your votes go when you don’t cast? Let me tell you
With not casting votes you passively (Actually actively) support people, ideologies and works you don’t like.

Its coming soon, the voting day is not far, one more chance to perform simplest task assigned to us is just one year ahead. Are you prepared to perform your duty? Are you prepared to  do something for what you have been blaming others for years?


One thought on “who gets your vote when you dont cast?

  1. here comes the politician Ravi. yaar kya vote dene bhar se ye sab change ho jayega?
    waise poetic aadmi ho aisa sochte hi hoge but ………….
    sochne do bataungi

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