Thank You Munna Bhai

Well, in the starting I abused Sanjay for creating embarrassment for his reputated and noble father. I was about 14 yrs ago when he was arrested and sent to jail. As the case went on I gradually turned soft on Sanjay but I knew he broke the law and he will be punished and he must be punished. I felt happy when Judge said that he is not a terrorist even then I knew that he will get the punishment for his crime. Its hard to see such a versatile entertainer behind the bars but I don’t think it is unfair or any type of injustice.
I want to discuss what this guy,whom India Today says “Mother India ka kabhi  bada na hone wala bachcha” gave us. Few days back my little niece was talking me and she told me that she likes Gandhiji. i asked what she likes in Gandhi ji, she told me that he is so nice man. then i asked her what she knows about him. she told me about slaps on face and so on. i said he said this because he was not so strong to answer the slap. Now she told me that he was not weak and it was his way to make the other guy good. I knew it all, I knew<, Gandhi is not name of majboori but he is a majbooti which we cant understand because we are so weak to understand. I knew all this because I read a lot of books, but my niece knew it because she saw the movie of Munna bhai(wahi bachcha jo kabhi bada nahi hoga according to India Today). She is not 8 and she knows this philosophy of making people good. I don’t know all those who learnt about Gandhi in Munna Bhai classes, will keep it with them or not but atleast they knew  a little. I rememeber few years back many college going youths were not clear about Gandhi and his identity.
I smiled a little when i knew that Sanjay is sent to Yarwada jail where Mahatma spent much of his time. Infact for a long time i was thinking about postive punnishments and these days just because of the appeal of Sanjay i felt the need of such punnishments more. As we could have used his appeal for some purpose for our society.



7 thoughts on “Thank You Munna Bhai

  1. न कोई कमेंट है

    न कोई पोस्ट है

    मेरी जिंदगी है क्या

    बिना लाइट का लैंप पोस्ट है

    ये तो मजाक था लेकिन मेरे अजीम शायर साहब क्या मामला है अप तो जैसे इंटर नेट को भूल गए हैं किस अज्ञात वास मे दिन काट रहे हैं क्या दुश्मनी हो गई है इस अंतर्जाल से (हिन्दी अब भी मेरी कमाल की है कोई कद्रदान ही नही मिलता तुम भी न जाने कहाँ हो ) ।

    चलो अच्छे बच्चो की तरह नजर आना शुरू करदो । प्रोमिस कोई डाट नही पड़ेगी

    कुछ तो लिखो यार!

  2. अपन का भी अब एक ब्लॉग है

    कभी कभी कुछ मैं भी लिखूंगी जैसे उसमे एक कविता है । कुछ और नही तुम्हारी ही एक कविता का जवाब है। गुस्सा मत करना या करो तो सही कुछ तो हो!

    बात कुछ आगे बढे

    प्यार न सही गुस्सा ही सही!

    आज १४ फ़रवरी है.

  3. मुझे भी उन दोस्तों कि कमी खल रही है. कई दिन हुए कुछ अच्छे दोस्तों से बात नही हो पाई है. कहाँ हो यार? अच्छा अच्छा भूल गयी आज तो तुम कहीं और बिज़ी होगे…..मस्ती करो!

    यार कभी तो ऑनलाइन आओ 😦

  4. किसके साथ बिजी रहे कल, कुछ हमे भी बताओ।
    याद है वो कविता-
    उमंगें यु अकारण ही नही उठती
    किसी के अनदेखे इशारों पर
    न यु नाचता है मन
    देखो न काफी लोग मिस करते होंगे तुम्हे उन्ही के लिए कभी कभी आ जाया करो इंटरनेट पर!

  5. अरे वाह तुमने अपने ब्लॉग मे अपडेट करके ब्लॉग रोल मे मेरा ब्लॉग डाल दिया पर जवाब नही दिया ऐसा क्यों? किसी बात को लेकर नाराज हो क्या?

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