Us aakhiri din
palaash ke neeche
anayaas hi
ya shayad saayas
tiki rahin uski nigahen
der tak ham par
(chupke se dekha tha hamne)
Aankhen udaas ho chali thi
aasman me suraj tap raha tha
aur palaash par angare the
phir wo chali gayin.

Tapta suraj
Angaaron se bhara palaash
aur udaas nigahen
sab kuchh to hai
yaad ki us reel me
hamare siwa!
ham to photo le rahe the
aage barh kar udaasi hata
aankhon me umang bharne ki jagah

yaad nahi tha
ki photographar ki photo nahi hoti


3 thoughts on “Pachhtava

  1. Nice poem! Roushan, I have something to say….don’t you think that for a photographer its difficult to remember many people as unke paas bahut saare log aate hein snaps khichwane ke liye! Like for a teacher it is difficult to remember all his students but for students it is very easy to remember their teachers well.

    Here you have written everything is there in the memory of reel except him for that he is worried and having pachhtava! waise ham insan jo chahte hein wo hamesha pura nahi hota hai…..kuchh paane ke liye kuchh khona bhi parta hai. We need something more to deal with our life to be alived. As for him it was last day with her to uski prem katha ka bhi ant(the end) ho gaya! Anyway, chalo at least that photographer is having the golden memories with him as his dharohar…!!

  2. arrre yarrr surprised really…
    so u started it..good
    lekin i donn feel the roushan i know for last 12 years….
    yaar sirf poetry tak hi simit rahoge,
    i expect u will not leave prose unattended,
    beauty happens /occurs in prose yet it is other matter expressed in poems 🙂

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